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Global Warming Annotated Bibliography

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Our planet has been around for a very long time and has had several changes to its climate. Most of these changes have been caused by humans, and the effects have gotten worse and worse as the population on the planet has been increasing. This source is a scholarly source. It is a decent sized book that has many different charts and graphs about the Earths climate and weather and how it changes, and also how humans have changed it with greenhouse gas emissions. Another reason why I believe this source is scholarly is that it was writing by two people with doctorates. A third reason is that they list many sources they have used to help make their book about global warming. This book is relevant to my topic because it has a vast amount of information of Earth’s climate and global warming effects. I mainly used this source because it gives a very well detailed introduction to global warming. I also used this source to be a scholarly source for an intro to global warming, so I can have a popular source about global warming as well. Reasons for this source not being too well is that it is a very lengthy book with a lot of information that I don’t need for an introduction to global warming, also the introduction itself is very long and makes it a little more difficult to summarize all the contents it had.

Shah, Anup. “Climate Change and Global Warming.” Global Issues, Updated: 10 Aug. 2010. Accessed: 15 Sep. 2010.

Every year the population is constantly increasing at a very high rate. Leaving more and more people that would be using electricity, driving cars, flying in planes, and littering. Also creating a larger chance for other species to be endangered if we don’t make smarter choices. This source is a popular source because they don’t have any other sources to back up their information. Also the person who wrote the article isn’t credited for any degrees or PhD’s. This source is relevant because it explains details about our global warming problem. I used this source to get another view on an introduction to global warming, but by using a popular source this time instead of a scholarly source. One thing that wasn’t very great about this source is that it was kind of brief. It wasn’t loaded with a lot of content to explain more about the global warming problems. Another reason is that it doesn’t focus much on any topics of global warming, it seems as though the author tried to cram in everything about global warming in a few paragraphs.

Simmons, . “5 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming.”Environmental Graffiti n. pag. Web. 15 Sep 2010. .

There are a large variety of effects global warming has to our climate and planet. One result of global warming is the spread of disease, it makes it much easier for diseases and virus’s to spread due to the warmer climate. Another effect is longer and more drastic heat waves and droughts, which could increase the number of wild fires and can cause some areas of wild life to die out from lack of water. There are many other effects such as the polar ice caps melting, warmer water causing more hurricanes, and many others. This source is a popular source because it isn’t very lengthy and it has a lot of things off the side. It also has an area where the users can make comments and put feedback on the content. I feel that this source is essential because it has various effects of global warming. I used this source because the information it contained is useful to my research on global warming. One reason this source wasn’t perfect is it didn’t go in a lot of detail with all the effects. It listed many of them and had a sentence or two about the effects.

Nordhaus, William, and Joseph Boyer. Warming the World. Massachusetts: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000. Print.

The United States produces the most carbon dioxide gas emissions than any other country in the world. Since we cause the most pollution our country is going to be vastly more effected than some other smaller countries that don’t release many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. If we don’t do anything to stop this, the global warming effects will hit our country hard with disasters from nature such as hurricanes and wild fires, which will also cause us to be in a worse economic state for paying the repairs needed after the effects of the natural disasters take place. This is a scholarly source because it is just text, has a lot of pages, and many charts and graphs about the changes in our climate and how each country is effecting our climate. One thing about this source that wasn’t needed was the fact that they had almost every single country listed on their charts. In my opinion I think it is only necessary to have data on all of the major countries.

“What Can We Do To Stop Global Warming?.” Global Warming News Blog n. pag. Web. 15 Sep 2010. .

The main cause of global warming is the emissions of Carbon Dioxide gases. Doing stuff like car pooling, making less trips to stores, and riding a bike or walking to a near by place instead of driving there can greatly decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions if everybody contributes. There are also other methods of stopping global warming by using alternate energy sources, such as sun, wind, and water. This source is a popular source because there aren’t any charts or graphs anywhere and there is no author mentioned with a PhD. This article is relevant because it lists many options we have to stop global warming. I’m using this source to find out about those ways to stop it, or at least slow the process down until we can figure out better and more efficient ways of stopping global warming. This source isn’t perfect because there wasn’t any graphs that could help show how cars have effected the environment. Also there isn’t any other sources that could back up their statements.

Krupp, Fred, and Miriam Horn. Earth, The Sequel. New York : Environmental Defense Fund, 2008. Print.

Most likely the best possible way to end the process of global warming would be to find very efficient and effective alternate energy sources. We already have many alternate energy sources such as using wind, using the sun, and using water. There is also another energy source that is very efficient, which is nuclear power. The problem with this is many people are afraid that there will be a meltdown causing many problems. This source is scholarly because it uses other sources for citations throughout the book. It also is very detailed and doesn’t use simple words. This source is really good because it has pages and pages with information about ways to solve global warming, it has positives and negatives on the choices we can make. I used this source to figure out more about our options to end our global crisis. This source isn’t perfect because there weren’t any charts in it, there was only numerical data within the sentences that were backed up by other sources in some cases.


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