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The Difference Between Chinese And Western Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 2390 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Food diet is a cultural in china. The daily regimen is often talking object. China and the West have the very big difference in aspect; they are in the diet idea, the cooking, raw material, dined aspects and so on. this point as early as already some people raised in the 19th century, then, East and West’s cultural masters have not stopped down to this aspect’s research. Then, Chinese people Xu xiong (2001) pointed out that Chinese and western diet culture difference. It is due to country’s culture, the custom, the atmosphere, the historical connotation, the nutrition values and the current economic condition factor. Recently, many people think western and Chinese diet culture biggest difference is Chinese people used the chopsticks, is eating rice and western people used knife and the fork, eating the beefsteak and the bread. These are only on the superficial difference; also it still has deeply level differences. This point that it had been ignore to people Food habit’s difference, the diet way’s difference, the diet concept difference, the cooking method’s difference. These differences are the fundamental differences between Chinese and western food culture difference.

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China has 5,000 years of history, China has brightly rich, the broad and profound diet culture; Chinese people pay attention to the “nature and humanity”, Chinese food to feed the ideographic, by thing of expressing characteristics. So it makes the famous traditional Chinese diet food Chinese food culture theory founder in the analects of Confucius “The Analects” in there on the food, “food is too refined, cypress tire size” exposition Up to two thousand years later, still has a very high theoretical guidance Sima Qian in Lishiqi Commentary Section of the Historical Records write that : ” a country’s king depend on people, then people depend on grain ” Yan Zhitui, “Family Instructions of Yan Clan” say: ” grain is people depend on, people cannot live without eating, “The Chinese diet culture has long development process, if from Peking man invented offensive and began a real sense of diet culture creation began, starting with China diet culture development process from today ,there were fifth years of history, this is a long standing uninterrupted history.

Chinese people’s diet emphasize the perceptual and the artistry, pursue the taste of the food feeling, and no attention to the food’s nutrition composition, many from “color, aroma, taste and shape” wait for a respect to evaluate the stand or fall of diet quality, pursuit is a difficult to explain in words of artistic conception. Chinese people are pay attention to “eat”, American sociologist Ian. Robert Johnson wrote a book in his “Sociology,” said that American do not eat snails to eat oysters, French eats snail don’t eat locusts, Lu tribe in Africa who do not eat fish to eat locusts, the Jews do not eat pork, Hindus pork do not eat beef, Russians eat beef don’t eat snake meat.

While Chinese have no don’t eat, the Chinese people in taste dishes, We often will taste this dish and said” yummy or not delicious”; however if you want ask the people why this dish is good ,we not answers, This shows that Chinese on diet of pursuit is a kind of difficult to explain in words “mood”, namely, use people say normally “color, aroma, taste and shape, implement” to the “state” materialize and I’m afraid is still difficult to cover it.

The Chinese diet is has its distinctive charm, the key lies in its flavors. And delicious produced to reconcile, for the original taste of food, Coupled with the taste of ingredients and materials, and to reconcile the taste of spices, Intertwined with the integration of coordination, Pay attention to the harmony of Chinese cooking Beauty This is the essence of Chinese culinary art key point.. The dish’s shape and color is external things, and the taste is something inside, Chinese food is not deliberate modification of the internal re-appearance.

Westerners focus on rational analysis, focus on food science, and pay attention to nutrition, whatever how to the food color, smell, taste, shape , and nutrition must be assured, pay attention to how many calories a day intake, vitamins, protein, and so on. Even if taste thousand pieces of the same tune, also they must continue to eat — because there are nutritious. Lin Yutan in “my country and my people” pointed out: “English and American people are eating is defined as a biological machine fuel injection As long as they eat to be able to keep the body strong enough to resist the infection of bacteria Do not pay attention to other aspects of .” In the banquet, you can pay attention to tableware, pay attention to the use of materials, pay attention to service, attention to vegetables, raw material shape and color with respect. But no matter how luxurious high-grade, from Los Angeles to New York, steak is only a kind of taste, without art at all. As dishes, chicken is chicken, steak is steak, although the dishes are with, that is carried out in the disk “French lamb chops”, while put mashed potatoes, next to the lean lamb chops, green beans cooked with the other side, add a few slices of tomato. Contrasting color, but the taste of the variety of disparate materials, to reconcile, the taste is different, you taste it, and you know it.

Westerners are used to divide and eat, there are be allocated a personal food, it is one of a rationing. In the West dinner, while also sitting, but each single plate of food is the single loaded. Do not have fixed seats that can move around freely, Not only it can fully meet the individual food preferences, but also to facilitate social. Be easy to Feelings between individuals and to facilitate the exchange of information, Instead of all activities at the table will be made public, In Western food on the table not weave in games. Also eat time shorter than the Chinese food. We usually to eat beef in silence and quietly. This diet’s way fully show that Westerners humanity, self respect and emphasize the individual’s independence and autonomy.

In china, In china, whether Family dining is or a formal banquet, we are sitting around dinner, Sitting in a table, we look toward cheers each other, and help people to distribute food to guests at the table reflect the mutual respect between people, the virtues of comity, and Harmony, happy atmosphere. Shows that the Chinese people pay attention “harmony is most precious” In 3000 years ago, it is “The Book of Songs “Era” Our ancestors first know to eat have affinity function, Use food to regulate the relationship in the “Book of Rites,” said the” By drinking the diet this way, to express our good mood.” reflects Chinese people peace’s idea. Especially in the various festivals, we by drinking diet this way, to express .we are very happy. This diet way is the Chinese food culture an important tradition. Chinese people put the eating as an elegant pleasure .So take a seat, the mutual laughter throughout the entire process of meal. To eat time weave in some interesting games, so eat time for up to two or three hours .Because people can maintain a good appetite and a strong appetite, so enjoy the culinary arts how to maintain the best state of mind. Chinese to trail by eating, and eating to regulate relationships .As Mr Qian in the “eat,” said Dinner have many social functions, such as a feel for the business meetings by the so on

In China, cooking is an art, it with extremely strong interest, even with certain game play, it is attracted by diet for the life of fulfilling the Chinese. Chinese cooking have many methods, for example, Slip, braised, burning, boil, steamed, fried, crispy, braised, grilled, stewed, explosion, fry, casserole, candied and so on . These methods make use of dazzling dishes. Chinese people have a grasp on the heat of the traditional methods, it is rich and varied , and every type have detail methods, such as Such as leavened partition into brittle and slippery and so on. Chinese food is more complicated changes in technology, many dishes are time-consuming work fees

Chinese food a lot of embellishment, when we eat the food, many embellishment of food, we don’t eat. Not only cause the waste of raw materials, but also the effect may not be good A Chinese chef in the industry saying goes¼š “As a good cook, one-third of the craft, and seven in the used materials side.” It is Emphasizes personal chef selection of raw materials, the importance of sub-file to use. That is, the standard of raw materials produced on the dishes of Chinese and Western food culture differences play a decisive role.

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Western’s Cooking pay attention to nutrition to the neglect of taste, they with cold drinks table, also coupled with the cold chilled ice wine And the bloody steak with white fish, big white meat, raw vegetables, white boiled beans, boiled potatoes with relish, although the dishes are very authentic taste, but the dish flavor is not good. These all reflect the taste of the neglect of Westerners. Westerner’s diet emphasizes science and nutrition, the whole process of cooking are acting in strict accordance with scientific standards, Thus the chef’s work to become a very monotonous and mechanical to work.

Westerners to grasp the furnace temperature and quantitative data can not be separated, Its cooking methods is frying, deep-fried, and grilled, the taste of food is a single, Western do not pay attention to a knife, a piece of steak, vegetables and salad placed at random, there is no knife at all Western’s transfer to a plate dimension, edible is strong, the vast majority of all the food into the dish can be eaten, and embellishment is the main course dishes. Most raw materials for western food is fresh, clean, natural Operation process of nature, to play the original taste of food, not too much used to dry raw materials, milk is essential in the Western raw materials. Based on the importance of nutrition, Westerners most of eat raw vegetables, not only they eat tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, onions, but also they can eat raw broccoli , The majority of the American West as the representative, they seem to like to eat cold dish., and sitting after the first dish is mostly Sarah — one dish icy leftovers, And the main course “steak” end up, First ,you used a knife and cut a while, until chopped, hot steak to cool gradually, but also the side dishes and a good steak with a fork with your mouth. Thus westerners ignore flavor

Chinese tableware is mainly chopsticks, chopsticks is More accurate than the knife and fork, we used the chopsticks can freely and convenient. Whether the dish is article, is the lump is the piece, and it is cube. Chinese people pick up the chopsticks; it can be applied with ease. So, like talking about something at the dinner table for the Chinese people, they can not tolerate silent Western food instrument. Not only Chopsticks are eating utensils, but also it is talking about assistant props the dinner table, a group of people around the table, Each other take their food with chopsticks, and the guests served you food at a meal. It shows between the master and guest relationship, also it is add to harmonious atmosphere in the table. So when Mr. Cai Yuanpei talking about the chopsticks, in ancient time, Chinese people once used it, and used many various of shapes, cuptray bowl and see. Chinese cooking emphasis the shape, size, color coordination with the dishes¼Œand pay attention to exquisite’s utensil. The delicious food must have exquisite’s utensil combine, and to pay attention to harmony with it. Dishes and utensils in color decoration, in the form, and harmony in the space is supposed to match. They put diet regard as artistic activity treat. Not only can eat delicious food, but also get a beautiful art from which to enjoy it.

Westerners with a metal knife and fork, and a variety of cups, plates, cup, dish. The western food dress up plate and combine aspect, Unlike the Chinese, emphasis on the artistic beauty. The types of utensils, dishes shape, are both of relatively monotonous. In short, West people focus on the content of the food, Chinese people emphasis to cuisine in the form and the more pleasure they reap from it. Recently, with the quality of life improve. China’s food and beverage utensils are “specialized, diversified portfolio” of the new faces appear. it is for family dinner add to new meaning and Japanese food culture and interest. West people also began to focus on the design. There are a variety of different styles of tableware in market. These are usually with color and pattern, and appeared to different in various styles, with a view, interesting characteristics, and the put eating utensils as gifts to sell.

Is due to International economic development, also country and country are communication frequently and international tourism development. It make them culture’s exchange and merge in the worldwide, forming an unstoppable trend. Specially, country and country communication and merge in food aspects. For western food Traditionally, Western absorbed the steam and fried from the Chinese food methods. At the same time, they also absorb a lot of Chinese food ingredients and condiments. While Chinese food also emphasis to food nutrition. We can start to eat western style’s food. For example, Hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and butter.

In conclusion, in china appear Chinese and Western styles combined’s style.there are Western medicate food and beef of porridge in Chinese and Western styles combined’s style.now,western food use Chinese cooking to eat, and Chinese food used the western cooking to do ,those are Chinese and Western food culture continually and exchanges, it can appear new phenomenon


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