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The Artistry Of Indian Painting Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 3757 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Indian painting is one of the oldest arts in the world from about the 3rd millennium BC to present period. The society the Indian painting reproduce particular religious, political and cultural developments.

Indian art has its unique name in the history of arts. Indian art which has been challenged its stage from down to the top of winning the stage of philosophy under the visual type in the history of indian art.

Indian art has challanging in the years in thought providing in the Indian artist in the reason for the innovation of the creations in the way of visual abstracts ideas and the cultured thing in the land. Every religions and the system giving its own nuances in the metphor and the simiarly in the rich organisation in wild imagin in the humaniation in the way of the belives and the character people in the way of one ideal way of the way of life to be delevers the interprted art.

The following are the list of style of art in India.




Kalam kari

Cave paintings






Puppetry is the form of theatre performance which involve in the handling of the puppets. It is very very old and it assumed to have originate 30,000 years BC. Puppets have been used while in the first times to conscious and to communicate the ideas and for the needs of the human society. Some historians claim that they pre date artist in the theatres. There is a confirmation that they were use in the Egypt as before time as 2000 BC.

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Warli :

The Warli is an Indian deliberate people. These citizen people were be alive in the place of taukas in Thne,Nasik , And in Dhule distrct in the place of Maharashtra, And also in the Valsad Distict in the state of Gujarat. And the union territory of Dadra ,Nagar Haveli and also the Daaman and the Diue. They also have their entity way of life. The society and nation is the part of the mutual Hindu society.The Warlis people always speak an vocal Varli foreign languge. It is belongng to the southrn region of indo Aryans language and mix Sanskrit, Marathi and Gujarati language. Its ahead of 2500 or 3000 BC. Their pitch shelter of Bhimbetka, in Madhya Pradesh.

Madubani :

Madhubani is one of the way of the Indian painting. Experienced in the Mithila district of the Bihar state in India and janakpur in Nepal. practice states that this way of the painting originate at the moment of the Ramayana. When the King Janak specially made his artist to do paintings at the moment of the wedding of his offspring Sita to the Lord Ram.

Kalam kari :

Kalamkari is the kind of the hand decorated or block printed cotton fabric, created in the part of the India. The statement kalam kari is resulting from the Persian language kalam (ballpoint and kari (craftmanship), The sense drawing with a ballpoint. The craft complete at Machilipatnam in the Andhra Pradesh

Cave painting:

Cave paintings are painting on cave stockade in the period is used particularly for those dating to the primitive times. The most basic known indian cave in paintings date to the Aurignacian. Some of the cave painting are 32,000 years ago. The cause of paleolithic cave paintings is not recognized. The proof suggest that they were not simply garland of the living areas. while the cave in the which they have been establish do not have symbols of the unending tenancy. Also they are frequently in the areas of the caves that are not simply access. a few of the theory are grip that they may have been a way of the communicate with others. Even as other theory are assign them a spiritual or official purpose.

Miniature :

However at some point in in the 11th and in the 12th century. The concept of the illustrate palm sheet manuscript came into living being. manuscript are very little in a range. Therefore the image was complete in the lesser in volume. This want of the model very small paintings was go toward into the system of living. miniature paintings was also set single on the paper, ivory panel, timber tables and leather, granite and the cloth and walls. A little of the sole Miniature paintings are include in the illustrate manuscript .The Jains and the Buddhists blossoming of the Mughal, Rajput and in the Deccan miniatures.The theme used from the Indian epics like the Ramayana, Mahabharata, as well as the ragas of the Indian classical music. The core of the miniature painting fabrication in the Rajasthan.

Pahari :

Pahari painting truthful sense of the painting is from the rocky of the region, pahar means the mountains in Hindi. It is an umbrella term used for a form of the Indian painting. originate from the Hill kingdom of the North India, during 17th-19th century. particularly Basohli,and the Mankot mainly Nurpu and Garhwal, and was completed regularly in the miniature style of figure

Pattachitra :

Pattachitra is the conventional picture of the Odisha. An eastern situation of the India. These painting are base on the Hindu myths and mainly more brilliant by the Vaishnava cult. Every colours were use in the Paintings are naturals and paintings are made completely by the old conventional way by the Chtrakaras that is by the Odia Painter. Pattachitra method of the work of art is one of the oldest and the majority popular art forms of the Orissa. The name Pattachitra has been evolve from the Sanskrit language patta. The intelligence canvas and chitra significance picture. Pattachitra is a painting made on canvas, And it is obvious by the rich colourful request. The creative motif and design and depiction of the simple theme frequently factual in description. The civilization of the pattachitra work of art are extra than the thousand existence old.


Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depict in the myths and the tradition. Which are drained on the walls of the temples and churches in the South India. Mainly in the state of Kerala. Early temple, churches and place in the Kerala. South India,s display the wealthy ritual of the mural paintings in mostly date back between in the 9th to 12th centuries

Genres of Indian painting :


Miniature painting

Eastern Indian painting

Western Indian painting

Malwa, Deccan and Jaunpur schools of painting

Mughal painting

Rajput painting

Mysore painting

Tanjore painting

Madhubani painting


Bengal school

Modern Indian Painting


The Famous Indian artists:

Raja ravi vareman Abindranaeth tagore Nandhlal bose Jameini Roy Amritha sheragill N.S.Bendrae MF.Hussaein S.H..Raazae Franciss newaton soueuza Ganesh Pyhne

The artists which I going to explain is M.F Husain

Maqbool Fida Husain was called as an MF Husan was born on September 17th 1915 in the place of Pandharpur Maharashtra in India. Husains mother Zunaib die in his childhood and his father Fida had remarried and he moved to the new place called Indore.In there hussain went to the school. Then he moved to the Mumbai at the age 20. When husain was admit to the JJ.School which it related to the Arts.

When he was an premature age husain learn the art about the calligraphy and practiced Kulfickhat with the numerical form. Husain also learn to write poems while husain stay with his uncle in madrasa in the place of Baroda. Husain kept a art with him from first to last his life. Hussain early education was mechanical but he loved to draw was the plain even at this point. Every time when he gets the chance hussain would band his art stuff in his cycle and drive to the nearby countryside near by in Indore to paint. In the backdrop in the year 1937 hussain went to Bombay resolute to become a artiste. Hussain hardly work and he gets money and lived in a inexpensive room in a by path occupied by pimps and prostitutes. At first he makes himself as an painter in the cinema boardings. He paint in the greatest nimbleness suspended on scaffold at times in the center of travels. Hussain marry on 1941. During in hussain before time days in Mumbai hussain earn money from his painting in cinema Boarding. one of the frequently told stories about hussain,s early period.

He was notice for the record on 1947. when hussain win a reward in the yearly show in the mumbai Art Society foundation. consequently hussain was invite by Souza to join in Progressive Artist Groups. The grand pact of testing in the premature years lead to some extraordinary works. In 1955 hussain was the one of the best most important artist in India and he was awarded for the Padma Shri. Hussain was a particular invite next to the Pablo Picasso in Sao Paulo Biennial in the year 1971. Beside with numerous alone exhibition hussain had main retrospectives in Mumbai in 1969. in kolkatta in the year 1973 and in the year Delhi in 1978.

Hussain had participate in a lot of global show. Which take in modern indian art. In the royal school of the Arts in London in the year of 1982. Almost six Indian painter Take art show in London in 1985. Current Indian latest Painting in hirschom Museum in the Washington in the year 1986 and modern Indian Art, Grey Art portico in New York 1986. In the year 1967 hussain won an Golden bear in the global Film fair in the city of berlin for documentary all the way through the eyes of a artist and hussain made numerous short films ever since then.

He was award the Padma bhushan in the year 1973. The Padma Vibhushan award win in 1989. And he chosen to the Rajya Sabha in the year 1986.which One of the best compelling artist in India . He is famous for his absolute appreciative of the human circumstances and his fast painting. Long before days development of the speech he was overtake by risky foray into installation and presentation art. Hussain experiments with fresh form of art both surprising and original. He has studio in numerous towns in all around the India but his life mostly in Bombay.

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Western Art

Western art paintings are one of the art which belongs to the European continents . Hand printed history of the western arts are starts with the earliest focal point east, olden Egypt and olden Aegean civilization and the time from 3rd million BC. Similar with the culture, Art is common for the culture all over world. Where ever the people leaving their evidence like carving and artifacts and large standing stone peace. However the consistent rule of pattern the development of europen becomes only with the olden Greece and changed by the romens and took with the empire across the Europe and north Africa and centre east countries.

The manipulate of the classical time wanted through the next time of 2 thousand years, Looks like different parts of the medieval period to reenaisssance . The early art historian viewed during the baroque olden period to displays in a filtered form of classican to re born in the post-modernism.

The another main power of western art have be Christianity. The charge of the church, architech and sculpting gives the most stuffs of the work to the artist for about 1401 years,Currently from 330 ad to about 1670 ad. The history of the temple was most thing in the history of the western art, in this period.

Secularism has involve in western art in the classical period of art. But most of the art are in above 200 years been manufacture without the evidence to religion. In this with no particular idea at all. In another hand western art has often influence by the politics in another hand of state of the artist.

Western art is placed in the no of stylish period of years. But historic overlaap on different stylish things in the areas. Mainly the period is in classic, byzan, and Medivel renaissan and modern. Every thing in this are sub divided in it.

The following are the list of western artist

1 Jess Collins Aug 6th 1923 – 2004

Jess is one of the visual artist in us. In the year 1953 in the place of San Francisco, Collins also with Duncan and with Jacobus open the Ubu show.

2 Jim dine born June 16th in the year of 1935

Jim dine was born in the place of Cincinnati. Dine initialy earn value in the ability world with his actions. In the year of 1962 jim art work was incorporated in modern Art shows in us. In the year of 1984 Art Center in the place of Minnesoota. Showed his art work as Dine theme. In the year of 2004 in the global show of the Art in Washiington prepared the show Drawings of Dine.

3 John heart field 19 Jun 1891 — 26 Apr 1968

He was born in the placeof Helmut in german near berllin. His photomoontages was Adolf Hittler and the Nazzis. He frequently job with photomoontage. Using the in-between to make pictures made weird supremacy speech .In the year of 1935 his attempt noble well done die grease is Alle. It is in English is Hurrray the grease is vanished. It was in print on the 1st page of the AIZ in 1935.

4 Lee Krasner Oct 27 1908 – Jun 19 in the year of 1984

lee was born in the place of Brooklyn near the city of New York. In the year 1940 Lee in progress give you an idea about her works with the american theoretical artist. Lee regularly cut separately her personal drawing and painting to make collage.The Museum of recent painting detained a display showing lees works. Krasner is 1 of the single four women artist to have a demonstration show at the Moma.

5 Ray Johnson Ray Edward Johnson 1927- 1995

Ray was born in the place of detroit on Oct 16 in the year of 1927. Ray is measured the beginning Father Mail Art. Ray first collage is mostly theoretical works. Ray scratch separately a lot of of his before time collages and use wreckage in later on workings. Ray is besides identified as New Yorks the majority well-known unknown artist.

6 Johnathan Talbot Born on Nov 14th in the year of 1939

The maker of an original collage method that eliminnate fluid adhesive from the patchwork meeting method .Finest recognized for his collages and the multi dimention collage construction fit as jonathan oil water colours.

7 Pablo Picasso born in the place of Malaga in Spain on 25th of Oct in the year of 1881.

Picasso died, At the age of 91 and his graveyad in France. specialize in work of art. sculpt, printcreation, earthenware and patchwork.

8 Henri matisse 1869 to1954 Was born in the place of Cambresis in the country of France.

Henri died at the age of 84 in the place of Maritimes .Henri primary in progress work of art in 1889. when matisse suffer from the appendicitis. Henri primary single display was at Vollard portico in the year of 1904.

9 George Braque 1882-1963

George was born in 1882 in the place of Argentueil . George was talent in work of art drawing, print creation and sculpt. George died in the year of 31st in the month of Aug in the year 1963.

10 Peter blake was born in the 25th June 1932.

Peter talented in bang art which it is a latest type of work of art. Peter art integrated descriptions from the adds. melody hall activity, and wrestling frequently together with collaged fundamentals. Peter art of bang music set brings his world renowed celebrity. In the balcony (1955-58) is a important before time work and still now stands one of the iconic part of Britan Art.

11 Vikki Alexander born in the year of Jan 30th at 1959 born in the county of Canada

Vikki talented in collage sketch, taking pictures and fitting. Vikki was born in the place of Victoria in the country British Columbia. Vikki is recognized for her big scale photo mural installation media works that joined photo with sculpt stuff.

Comparison of two artists :

I am going to compare Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse

About Pablo Picasso :

Pablo was born in the city of Malaga in the country of Spain in the month of 25th Oct 1881. Pablo was died in the age 91 and his grave ward is in France. Pablo was talented in work of art, sculpt, print creation, stoneware and collage. Pablo Picasso was learned and graduate in the work of art at the Madrid. Pablo was top recognized for co beginning cubist progress. Pablo primary method of work of art is practical but altered with his individual unusual theory, technique and thoughts. The entire amount of art works pablo shaped which was likely at 50,000 comprise 1,885 art of work 1,228 sculpture 2,880 stoneware, almost 12,000 art of work, a lot of thousands of print. His art of work Garcon la has been sell for 104 million $. one more art of work by Pablo Dora Maur au Chat has been sold for 95.2 million $.

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About Henri Matisse :

Henri was born in the place of Le Cateau in the country of France. Henri was died age of 84 in the place of alpes. Heri primary in progress his work of art in the year of 1889. Henri was distress from the appendiicitis. Henri 1st single show was in Vollard show in the year of 1904. Henri friends prepared and finance the Acadamic Mates in the place of Paris. A personal and non marketable school .which he instruct little artists. It operate from the year of the 1907 to 1911. Henri recognized a museum fanatical to his job in the year of 1952. in his home town city. The primary work of art of henri acquire by a community album was motionless Life of the Geraniumsin the year of 1910. In the year of 2002 Henri sculpt, recline naked Dawn. sold for the US dollar of 9.2 million . It is a evidence of a sculpt by the performer.Plum Blossoms in the year of 1948 art of work done Henri was sold on Sept 8th in the year of 2005 for the Museum of current Art by Henry.

Comparison :

Picasso work of art demoisellles Aveignoen is one of the beautiful part of work and one of the method such type of image is painted in a extremely characteristic of Picasso. The performer finished the image in the first previous centuery in the year of 1907. He use the oil on the canvaes usually pablo is recognized for inexplicably indistinct records in the art of work of that Les avignoen is an huge instance. The image is execution in the show of current Art of work in the place of New York.

The next art of work is that i like to talk about is henri the olive row. This image was drawn before two years before Pablo in the year of 1905. now similar to Picasso. Henri used oil on the canvaes art of picture. The different method of the art is classic in the artist. At this end the picture is execution in Statens Museaum in the country of Denmark.

Hanri live in the comparable stop of Pabilo. Hanri be born in the country of France in the year of 1869.Twelve years earlier than Pabilo. But Hanri start work of art slightly behind. Handri earlier painting which hanri picture in age 28.Hanri mainly art is mainly example of the expressioniosm. Though a number of of his facility are careful to transmit to another faction. Refferred to the movement of fauevism.

Basically, Henri favored brilliant colors mix within one painting. However the method of representation that henri art of work be different from the method in landscape of village side art of work. Though portrait is in dark repetitive. The village side is brilliant and vibrant.

Henri use the majority of the occasion uses solid, cruel stroke. from time to time still too large, The artist use broad stroke to paint extremely slim things. example seam on the blouse are distant too broad. Such examples are have been noticed for the duration of the art. one more exceptional quality of the art is the difference. Alter from burn to weak from dull to bright are too pointed, and consequently too noticeable. fundamentally i would explain the image even careless. The colors of the art are contentious in some stain. The hair which he dark as blue and the nose is in a greaved green. In beginning fleeting look the combination of colors stroke looks like ungainly but in realism at the back great ability and originality cloak.

Conclusion :

The two art discuss on top of are a like in more than a few individuality. Explicitly the both picture show the substance in the indistinct mannear. Both the art look a number of slovenly. colors are used unsuitably .The great difference between these art of work is contain the existence of capacity. While Picasso persistently avoid bountiful relief to the women means of soft darken . Henri sketch darker outline earlier to limits. Some period constant too dim and solid. An additional main variation in method is practice of art of work. Henri stroke are bright and broad and change in shade are evident. While Picasso prefer smoother insignia and fill huge part of the art with the similar paint. The earlier but not the smallest sum variation is the amount of correct size used in the image. Henri found actuality but Picasso try to handbrake it with weird outline.

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ID: 09BA01032

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