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Protection of the LGBT Culture: Challenges and Solutions

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Wordcount: 982 words Published: 18th May 2020

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In recent years, increasingly social groups are paying close attention to LGBT. Through decades of development, this organization has received support from some countries and famous figures. LGBT is the abbreviation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. This article will introduce five points, which are current-issue of the problems, causes, effects, solution and conclusion.


The current society is constantly developing and people’s consciousness is also improving. Nowadays, most of them accept the situation in several countries, but there are still those who have some questions. Most problems in few parts are facing psychological, physiological health and social factors.  In terms of psychological perspective, this issue cannot widespread to all citizens but might result in some of same-sex people getting confused in some situations.  It is important that the government does not focus on the disease or health problems suffered by LGBT groups. According to (Jones, 2019), in the UK, crucial education should be given to all children in this country and bridges should be built to protect LGBT groups and stop tensions from escalating. Some countries like New Zealand have accepted the situation on gay groups on they can now marry but still there are many countries in the world where this relationship is unacceptable.


There could be various reasons why a person may have a different sexual outlook in life. First of all, (Planned Parenthood) research has revealed that sexual orientation is determined before birth and these are unconscious performances. Also nobody has deliberately paid close attention to these situations. Secondly, if a person notices this, then homosexuality may be an option and logically, a straight person could become gay too. Comedian Todd Glass makes a brilliant point in his book, which is that if someone genuinely believe sexuality is a choice, then that person are not actually straight, just have not met anyone persuasive enough yet. In addition, the family is significantly an important factor, for in a situation is if those people get family members to support, their emotions will be understood and respected.


Regarding the effects for future, there are some ideas. Above all, there should be better laws in the future that will protect the LGBT community. For instance, (24, May, 2019 ,CNN) Taiwan legislators have approved a bill to legalize same-sex marriage, that has become a landmark decision made by Taiwan which is the first island in Asia to pass the same-sex marriage legislation. Furthermore, increasingly countries are allowed same- sex marriage legislation. Such as, on January 01, Same-sex marriage has become legal in Australia. The Australian Constitutional Court allowed same-sex couples to marry and other Australian parties have expressed respect for the court’s decision. (03, January, 2019, Associated Press)


In terms of society, there are a number of simple and easy solutions to ease the effects of LGBT. The most direct way is taking part in a party held by LGBT groups. Same-sex organization have kind people who are friendly and strong. So we must support those people and make them feel recognized. Also, it is a very effective measure to publish some articles on the Internet that are beneficial to the development of this organization. It is generally accepted that some positive essays on the website and some pictures could make them feel comfortable. In this way, LGBT people might be accepted easily.  However, as a result of terrible attitude by some groups in the society, many suicide cases have occurred. This means that, a large number of people in society perceive this special group in a different perspective that can be hurtful to some that result in suicide.


From the above analysis, the culture of LGBT need all kinds of organizations to protect and respect them. Whether it is a protection law issued by various governments, biological research or a citizen’s recognition and understanding of these organizations, it is necessary to give them time for integration. There is still a lot of space for the development of the LGBT organization. Acceptance and accommodation will become facts. All of this requires the support of different faith organizations. The future development of the LGBT organization is in the hands of the public, society and the various religious groups. So, they must be supported and recognized.


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