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Impact of Art Nouveau: Influences on Interior Design

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Wordcount: 1280 words Published: 16th Aug 2018

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My proposal will demonstrates that Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that took different directions in each country, how does this art movement changes the place of the world and affect all forms of visual culture. Furthermore, the impacts it has on architectures and interior design in the Art Nouveau movement. I will also demonstrates a New York architect who’s work has relate to my design practice as inspiration.

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I was interested in Hector Guimard’s historic and refined architectures inspired me a lot, especially the Paris metro station. I like the dazzling virtuosity of wrought ironwork, as well as the floral designs and the unique letterform that was applied on the Paris metro entrance. Besides, the silhouettes of the metro entrance were symmetrical and it was designed to catch the eye and the surface decorations are elegant. He employs endless wealth of nature forms in architecture. Guimard architectures are essentially characterized for the naturalistic ornamentation and sophisticated design based on plant, his design idea is borrowed from nature and subsequently translates the contour of nature into architecture. I particularly like his bold use of materials and colour, such as the vibrant green he apply on the Paris metro entrance.

In my own design practice, Hector Guimard’s architectures have an impact on my design in terms of the highly detailed surface ornamentation on architectures, the bold colour and distinctive appearance of his historic architectures have inspired me in my design where historical and contemporary design are incorporated into one design. On the other side, I found that the Art Nouveau glassware, architectures and interior design have truly inspired me a lot on detailed decorative designs and the use of plants as ornaments for interior decoration. The rich colours of Art Nouveau glassware have combined the beauty in nature and this is one of the reason I love everything that was produced during this art movement. The motif in my design practice encompasses all the characteristics of Art Nouveau, comprising the inspiration are derived from plants forms and the decorative surface.

This book very clearly and thoroughly discusses how elements of Art Nouveau were absorbed into Art Deco after the World War I and how Art Nouveau styles of tile-making have been revived in the 1980s and 1990s. The book is very useful in determining why this was so and demonstrating the cultural significance this type of decoration had at the time. Verbrugge gives a detailed explanation of Art Nouveau was an attempt to give a new direction to nineteenth century art, architecture and design and to replace the prevailing historical style at the time. Additionally, the book also looks at how architects incorporate Art Nouveau ceramic decorations in buildings.

This book demonstrates the many ways in which furniture not only offered Art Nouveau designers the opportunity to use their favourite sinuous curves and floral decorations, but also gave them free rein to select variety of woods and other materials to obtain different effect; in order to decorate a space in Art Nouveau style. In addition to thorough written and illustrated examples of their use, the book shows the diversity of Art Nouveau furniture that they are characterized by their charm for ornamentation. It also discusses why Art Nouveau furniture was elaborately decorated in the nineteenth and twenty century interior and discusses their meanings in the interior. It further goes on to detail on the sources that inspired designers in decorating the interior with Art Nouveau furniture.

The book explores chairs and desks were adorned by elaborately distinctive styles of ornate, sinuous shape and natural curves of design. Duncan also looks at Art Nouveau furniture designers’ prefer is use a wide range of wood. Pale wood comprise teak, ash and maple. While dark woods were walnut, rosewood and mahogany. Mahogany has dark grain surface, it varnished repeatedly until it acquired a rich chocolate-brown hue, imparted a feeling of wealth. In addition, the characteristics of Art Nouveau furniture are their simplicity of line, richness of material and sobriety of decoration.

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This book offers a wide discussion on material which it has quite obviously played an important role in Art Nouveau glass. Ricke has discusses why Art Nouveau glass is not just a material for vessels but also for works that are so close to sculpture. This is relevant to my interests in the unique and distinctive design on Art Nouveau glassware. Ricke explains when various layers and colours, deep intaglio cutting and engraving are employed on glass, it make the glass looks more distinctive effect. Besides, he aslo discusses painting on glassware is very similar of paint on wall in certain aspects.

Becker’s book historically locates Art Nouvea jewels took on strange unprecedented characteristics; moreover, the dramatic symbolism of themes and motifs in Art Nouveau jewels. Besides, she has also referred the main principle of Art Nouveau proposed that the aim of art was to suggest reality. Becker discusses why the Art Nouveau jewels reflect the century at the time. It chronicles the role of women is the theme for many Art Nouveau jewel designers at the time and this theme reflected in many portrayals of women in the jewels. Insects, animals, plants, nature and birds are the fantasy creature as well as greatly loved motifs in Art Nouiveau jewelry, specially the dragonfly and butterfly; they were used in endless variations. Wriggling marine plants, rippling hair and the natural curves of the female form are the inspirations for Art Nouveau jewelry designers. The decorative floral motifs can also being seen in Art Nouveau jewelry. They all dominant theme of Art Nouveau jewelry. Furthermore, Art Nouveau motif was extensively used in jewelry for a reason of harmony in life and art. Jewelry designer has put emphasise on aesthetic to the jewelry design and the femininity that employ a powerful influence during the Art Nouveau movement conveyed through the most feminine of ornaments. This book provides an excellent contextual overview for considering how Art Nouveau jewel designers express the new spirit of the art with special emphasis on the decorative element in jewel design. The book discusses questions about jewelry was the most intense expression of the Art Nouiveau movement. It reviews the nature of Art Nouveau style suited the purpose of jewelry as adornment to feminine beauty. Wealthy family who are passiobate about their plants was uncontrollable over their jewels and how they turned the natural flowers into jewels and diamonds to be transformed into flowers are further topics in this book. Becker explains the reality of nature in Art Nouveau jewelry design demonstrates jewel designers’ keen observation of the structure of and composition of plants. The book is useful because it mentioned every jewel designers contributed their individual way to their Art Nouveau jewelry design. She has also looks at the international impact on Art Nouveau jewel.

Becker explores Art Nouveau jewelry designers study the plant structure and also mentions Art Nouveau jewelry have exquiste charm and deep relationship to nature. Additionally, the most extensive influence on Art Nouveau fashion jewel design came from ancient jewelry. She also gives a detailed explanation of Art Nouveau jewelry had all the vigour and intensity of youth, they are all highly decorative, streamlined and rich in order to create an abstract linear look on jewels.


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