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Differences Between Travelling In Malaysia Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 3651 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Malaysia has tropical climate. The weather of Malaysia is the hot and humid, subject to the monsoon rains. Malaysia has the warm days and fairly feel cool when the night (Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). On average, the temperature hold at 86of of which is 30oc with the cooler temperature in the highland which the average daytime temperature year around at Kuala Lumpur which is 82of of 27oc.(“Weather in Malaysia-Climate, Local Condition, and Recommend Clothing”,n.d). The Kuala Lumpur has the well- distributed rain and fall in form of intense downpour at the afternoon when March and April and September and November but driest at the months of June and July (Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). The north east monsoon is bring the maximum rains between October and February follow the east seaside of the Peninsular Malaysia which in the north east of Sabah and west of Sarawak(Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). At there, the monsoon bring the rains when September until December(Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). The humidity of monsoon of south- west seaside of Sabah is less than the north-east of monsoon(Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). Besides that, the rainfall is more in the highland and arriving in the Maxwell Hill to 5000mm at year(Climate: WHEN TO GO TO MALAYSIA”,n.d). Besides that, Malaysia has mountain, highlands, and coastal. The famous of mountain of Malaysia is Gunung Tahan. The highland in Malaysia is Cameron Highland.

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Japan has four seasons such as winter, summer, spring and autumn (“Weather:’n.d). The winter is occurring when December, January and February(“Weather:’n.d). When the winter season come, a lot of snows occur on the Sea of Japan side; but it dry on the Pacific Ocean side(“Weather:’n.d). That season was cold, had dry air masses from Siberia move down to the Japan, which is they meet to warm, moister air masses from Pacific(“Weather:’n.d). It will cause the huge snowfall which is on the side of country will faces to Sea of Japan. (“Weather:’n.d) The Pacific Ocean side of Japan receive the less snow but still it is cold weather but the big cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya have the winter with high in the single digit or above 0oc but at the low few degree(“Weather:’n.d). It will be the cold but these cold snaps will not be lasting when January and February(“Weather:’n.d). The summer time is June to augus(“Weather:’n.d)t. It will be warm and moist air currents from Pacific and it make the temperature and humidity is high(“Weather:’n.d). It also have the rainfall at the mid of May – June which is lasting a few week that start at south and gradually work its way northwards(“Weather:’n.d). Spring is the time when sakura broken to bloom during between March and May(“Weather:’n.d). Sometime, the sakura start from Kyushu, the sakura zensen advance northwards and mostly pass to the main cities of Honshu in early of April(“Weather:’n.d). The autumn time is September until November which is the pleasant temperature and soothing colors(“Weather:’n.d). The autumn folige pattern reverses that of the Sakura and start in the north and sometime in october and peaking step over to the most of Honshu around the November(“Weather:’n.d). Besides that, The Japan mostly have rugged goround and mountanious(“What is Japan terrain”, nd).

2.2 People, language, religion, culture and others

A) People & language


Malaysia is a multi-racial country. There has many different races in Malaysia but the three major races in Malaysia are Malays, Chinese and India. The race in Malaysia is Sikh people. Besides that, east of Malaysia such as Sarawak and Sabah have their own races such as Iban, Kadazun, Kenya, Kelabit, Melanau, Bidayuh, Murut. Unlike Malaysia, japan just has the Japanese people. The different of mother tongue is based on their different of races. In Malaysia, the Malays mostly speak in Malays as their mother tongue. For the Chinese people in Malaysia, they speak mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hainanese and Hokchius as their mother tongue and the Malay language as the secondary language. Besides that, the mother tongue of India people is Tamil and their secondary languge is Malay language. The Sikh people’s mother tongue is Punjabi and their secondary language is same as the secondary language of Chinese and India people in Malaysia. However, the English for all the races in the Malaysia is their third language.

ii. Japan

Japan just has the Japanese people. The language of Japanese in Japan is Japanese language and the English is their secondary language.

B) Religion


Malaysia is multi-cultural society.There have the different region because there have different races. The religion of Malays people in Malaysia is Islam. The religion of Chinese people in Malaysia is Buddhism and Taoism. They have celebrated Wesak days. Besides that, the Hinduism is the religion of India people in Malaysia. Another religion is Sikhism which is the religion of Sikh. However, there are also having Chinese and Indian people who are Christians. The Muslim people have celebrate Hari raya Aidil Adha, Hari Raya Adilfitri.


For Japan, Shinto and Buddhism are the two majors of the religion (“Religion In Japan”,n.d). Most religion had made themselves in Buddhist, Shintoist or both. Shinto is the indigenous beliefs of that people and as old as Japan it(“Religion In Japan”,n.d). It still is the Japan’s major alongside the Buddhism(“Religion In Japan”,n.d). The shinto is means that the”way of the gods” and “shinto god” are called as “kami” (“Religion In Japan”,n.d).Shinto shines are the places of odore and the living places of “kami” (“Religion In Japan”,n.d). Besides that, the another religion is Buddhism(“Religion In Japan”,n.d). It follows the teaching of Buddhism(“Religion In Japan”,n.d). In the main branches of Buddhism, it is the mahayana which is called as “Greater Vehicle”. (“Religion In Japan”,n.d)

C) Celebrations


There have many celebrations in Malaysia which is based on cultural. The examples are Chinese New Year and Moon Cake Festival is celebrated by the Chinese people in Malaysia. Besides that, the Sarawak and Sabah also have their own celebrations which is Keamatan Festival in Sabah and Gawai Festival in Sarawak. The traditional wedding is the kinds of celebration. For Malays people, the engagement (“Malay Wedding Culture, Traditions and Custom”, n.d) will be done. After the engagement, the henna- staining ceremony will be beginning three days after wedding (“Malay Wedding Culture, Traditions and Custom”, n.d). Next is the nikah ceremony which is religious solemnization of the marriage and take place on the wedding eve(“Malay Wedding Culture, Traditions and Custom”, n.d) and this rite is required by the Islamic and civic law(“Malay Wedding Culture, Traditions and Custom”, n.d). Finally is to be sanding which is the actual wedding day and it mean that sit together between bride and bridegroom on the bridal couch (“Malay Wedding Culture, Traditions and Custom”, n.d). For Chinese traditional wedding, they select the date of wedding and auspicious (“Chinese wedding in Malaysia”,n.d). Next step is bet horal gift or ceremony in order to meet their parent to agree and settle about their weeding (“Chinese wedding in Malaysia”,n.d) . That is known as grand money as mean that a token for the bride’s parent to let their daughter in order to marry to her groom.(“Chinese wedding in Malaysia”,n.d).t After that, hair dressing ceremony will be done. (“Chinese wedding in Malaysia”,n.d). India also has their traditional wedding and the east of Malaysia such as Sabah and Sarawak also have their own traditional wedding base on their dialect.


The celebration of Japan

Japanese have celebrate the Japanese New Year.Another celebration is Seijin No Hi which is known as Coming of age day and it is the first holiday after the over of Japanese New Year(“Japan Festival and celebration,n.d).This celebration is for all the women which is 20 years old as the legal adult(“Japan Festival and celebration,n.d).Hina Matsuri is also the celebration of Japan which is called as doll festival(“Japan Festival and celebration,n.d). It celebrated on 3rd March every year(“Japan Festival and celebration,n.d). Cherry Blossom(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d) is one of the celebration of Japan and the Shichi Go San or 7-5-3 festival(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d). The wedding also the celebration of Japan. Firstly is the arragement of marriages which arraged by their parent(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d).Next is decide the date of marriage(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d).After they choose the date of marriage,they choose the ceremony location (“Traditional Japanese Weddings”, n.d)They will wedding at there. They wear kimono at the wedding ceremony(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d).After the ceremony,they welcomes the guest at the reception(“Traditional Japanese Weddings”,n.d).

D) Culture



Malaysia have many variety of foods which is Malay food, Chinese food, Indian foods and have nyonya foods (“food in Malaysia”,n.d).The Malay food mostly are popular for the Malays people in Malaysia .For examples, nasi dagang, sate, rendang, ketupat, laksam, fried chicken, nasi lemak(“food in Malaysia”,n.d). For the chinese foods, it mostly popular for the Chinese peoples. For examples, dimsum, seafood, mooncake which is for moon cake festival “food in Malaysia”,n.d). The Indian foods are mostly popular for the Indian peoples in Malaysia. The examples are chapati, canai bread, tandoori, nun and hot pork curry (“food in Malaysia”,n.d). For the nyonya foods, it is mostly popular by baba and nyonya in Melaka. For examples, nyonya assam curry fish, popiah brinjal curry, onde-onde, bubur cha-cha, nyonya fried rice (“food in Malaysia”,n.d). Besides that, there are also have the famous foods in Sabah and Sarawak. The examples is Sarawak laksa(“the most famous food from Sarawak”,n.d) which is the famous foods in Sarawak.


The Japanese food is most popular. The Japan food can be categorized into the rich dishes, seafood dish, noodle dishes, nabe dishes which is prepared into the hot pot, usually used at table and the ingredient are vegetable such as negi and hakusai which is called Chinese cabbage and other dishes(“popular dishes”,n.d). The examples of rice dishes are rice bowl, which is same time mixed with a raw egg and soya sauce which is called tamago kake gohan or natto or other tappings be enjoyed, sushi, damburi, onigiri, kare Raisu, Chazuke, kayu(“popular dishes”,n.d). The examples of noodle dishes are Saba, Udon, Ramen, Somen and Yakisoba (“popular dishes”,n.d). The examples of Nobe dishes are oden, sukiyaki, Shabu- shabu and Chonka Nobe(“popular dishes”,n.d). The examples of soya bean dishes are Yudofu, Agedashi Toufu and Miso Soup(“popular dishes”,n.d).The examples of Yoshoku dishes are korokke, Omuraisu, Aayashi Raisu, Hamubagu(“popular dishes”,n.d). The other dishes are tempura, Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Gyoza, Chawanmushi and Tsukemom.(popular dishes”,n.d)

Traditional music and dances


For Malays people, the popular music instruments are the aerophone such as the serunai, pinai, seruling and selumprit, flutes. (“Traditional music &dances”,n.d) Besides that, it also has membranophone such as gendang, gaduk, gedombak, rebang, kompang, tar and jidor drum. . (“Traditional music &dances”,n.d) In addition, it is also have idiophone such as the gong, kesi, canag, saron, kenong, gambang kayu and banang. . (“Traditional music &dances”,n.d) Other type of instrument is chordophone such as the rabib. It also has the nabot which is special royal orchestra which is the nafiri, serunai, gendang nobat besar and kecil and gendang negara. . (“Traditional music &dances”,n.d) The wayang kulit music also is the popular of type of music in Malays culture. The Malays traditional dances are joget, lilin candle dances, zapin, kuda kepang . (“Traditional music &dances”,n.d) For Chinese peoples, their traditional music are erhu,guzheng, guqin, Xun, Pipa(“music”,n.d). The traditional dances of Chinese people in Malaysia are fan dances, dragon dances and lion dances which is performs when Happy Chinese New Year and launching ceremony of a business. The traditional music of India people in Malaysia are qawwali, Ghazal, Bhaja and Kirtan, Shabad, Bhavageete,Ganasangeet (“Traditional india music,n.d). The traditional dances of India are bharata naytam and bhangra .The traditional dances at Sarawak are datun julud and ngajat and traditional music at there are sape(“traditional dance and music”,n.d). The traditional music of Sabah is Bungkau, Sompoton, togunggak, gong, kulintangan(“SABAH TRADITIONAL MUSIC & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS”,n.d). The traditional dances of Sabah are sumazau, sumayau, limbai , magunatip, adai-adai, daling-daling dances(” abah traditional dance”,n.d).The bhangra is also popular dances for Sikh people in Malaysia.


The traditional dance of Japan is Bon Odori. The dances that come around to be a welcoming for spirit of the dead (“JAPANESE DANCE”,n.d). This is performs during the Bon Festival(“JAPANESE DANCE”,n.d). Another is Kabuki which is the dance that done on stage and is a type of theatre(“JAPANESE DANCE”,n.d). The Noh Mai is other traditional dances of Japan which is the dance that is done to music that is made by flutes and large and small hand drums(“JAPANESE DANCE”,n.d).. Japan also has other traditional dances such as nihon buyo, sparrow dances(“JAPANESE DANCE”,n.d).. The traditional music of Japan is gagaku which is ancient court music from China and Korea, Biwagaku, Nohgaku which played during Noh, Sokyoku which is play with koto, types of zither with 13 strings. (“Traditional music”,n.d)

F) Traditional clothes


The Malays man at Malaysia wear the baju melayu with a songkok on the head (“Malaysia:Clothing”, n.d) . Besides that, the men wear batik shirts with trousers but the malys women wears the baju kurung with wear the kurung on their head to cover their Hair(“Malaysia:Clothing”, n.d). The chinese women at the Malaysia wear the cheongsam (“Malaysia:Clothing”, n.d) and the traditional clothes for Chinese man is samfoo with the songkok. The traditional clothes of India women is sari and salwar kameez or punjabi suit and the kurta is the traditional clothes of india man (“Malaysia:Clothing”, n.d). The peranakan ladies as kown as baba and nyonya which is Chinese immigrant who is married with Malays partners (“Malaysia: Clothing”, n.d). They wear the elegant kebaya that can be described as the traditional high fashion (“Malaysia: Clothing”, n.d). Sabah and Sarawak also have their own traditional clothes such as the iban man wear the baju burung or the vest and sirat woven loin- cloth which is a warrior’s outfit ( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”n.d). They also have wear the accessories such as belt, armlet and anklet which is made from the silver and headgear to decorate with the hornbill feathers and the iban maiden wears the ceremonial dress which is consist of the bidang clothes, marek empang which is called chest adorment, the sugu tinggi headdress and other silver ornament such as the coil belt and bangles( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d). For kadazan people, the male of Kadazan wear a ceremonial costume which is usually for worn when they dance the Sumazau dance( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d). .It comprises of a jacket and trouserswith gold trimming and a woven destar clothes hedgear is called siga( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d).. The kadazan female is wearing a cereminial Kadazan Paper costumes made of the embroidered color and gold thread( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d). It is worn with headgear and made of bamboo a strip which is called the suing and silver coin belt( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d).. These clothes are mostly made from the velvet or silk( “Traditional Costumes in Malaysia”,n.d).. However, they wear the normal shirt, blouse, skirt or pants.

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Traditional clothes of Japanese

Japan have their own traditional clothes. The traditional clothes of Japanese are Kimono(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d) which is the most famous in Japan. Another traditional clothes are hakama which is cosists of wide pleated of skirt(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d), junihitoe which is theworn only for the court ladies in the Japan(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d),yukata(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d), uwangi(“Japanese Traditional Clothin g”,n.d), footwear and sock(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d), zori(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d), geta(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d), waragi(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d) and sash obi(“Japanese Traditional Clothing”,n.d).

2.3 Natural beauty


In Malaysia, there are a lot of sights worth seeing by tourists such as islands, mountains, forest and so on. These natural beauties also can help our country earn more money from the tourists. For example, our country attracts more than one million tourists every year. Besides, this may also increase the reputation of our country and let others know our culture. (Personal preview) One of the natural beauties that attract many tourists is the island in our country. There are many tourists from other countries visit to the island on their holiday. There are also many islands in Malaysia such as Langkawi Island, Pangkor Island, Sipadan Island and so on. These islands are cover by virgin jungle, powdery with beaches and surrounded by sapphire-blue waters. The islands also have resorts provide exceptional services and facilities. (Cuti-cuti Malaysia) The most tourists like to bask when they visit to the island in our country. This is because the weather in Malaysia is hotter than their countries. They also enjoy diving and look the life under the sea. On the other hand, mountains also are one of the natural beauties. There was also got tourists like to visit the mountain in Malaysia such as mount Kinabalu, mountain Torq Via Ferrata, mount Trusmadi and others. (Virtual Malaysia) These mountains got more than 1200 species of flora and fauna and also have a lot of birds and animals. (Virtual Malaysia)


In Japan, waterfall is the most popular natural beauties and also is the tourism destination. There are a lot of beautiful waterfalls such as Mifune waterfall, Shiraito waterfall, Yasunotaki waterfall and so on. These waterfalls attract many tourists come to visit every years. (Joy site) The falls are particularly attractive in spring as the snows of the mountain melt. It also strengthens the flow. Besides that, mountain also is another natural beauty. There just only have several bird species which are danger of extinctin. (Japan Altas)


Travel is mean that a person move to another country from their own country in order to improve their own knowledge about that country. The travel also can make a person feel relax, release stress beside to improve their knowledge. Traveler can choose their any favorites country for travel besides travel at their own country. The travel can show the differences between their cultural, people and language. The travel also can show the differences between the natural beauty and tourist spot, religion and superstitious beliefs between their own country and another country. Therefore, different countries have their different famous building and places. Besides that, different countries also have culture, religion, beliefs, language and people.





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