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Culture in Mexico | Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 798 words Published: 23rd Jul 2018

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The country that we had chosen was Mexico. One interesting fact about Mexico is that the country is the 11th most populated country in the world , around 117 million people. The relationship between Mexico and the United States are that they are two countries that share maritime and a land board in North America. Before, Mexico and the United States had a war, that war was called the Mexican War. The war was about Mexico invading the United States, was an armed conflict between the two countries.

The official name for Mexico is the United Mexico States. The continental location of Mexico is North America. Mexico’s bordering countries are the United States (to the north) and Belize and Guatemala (to the south). The area of Mexico in square miles are 758,400 mi².

The economics of Mexico’s energy industry are petroleum industry, oil companies, gas stations, natural gas, coal gas, electrical power industry, electricity generation, electric power distribution, coal, nuclear power, renewable energy industry, alternative energy, sustainable energy, hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power, alternative fuels, and firewood. The manufacturing in Mexico is highly skilled workforces such as engineering, supervisors, and professionals. Because of the highly skilled workforce the competitiveness id at a high level around the world.

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The primary language the Mexico speaks is Spanish and English. The holidays the are celebrated in Mexico are Cinco de Mayo, honored for the Battle of Puebla, Diez y Seis, honored for the Independence Battle for Mexico, Day of the Dead, for the ancestors of the Mexican culture., etc. The education in mexico is currently controlled by Secretariat of Public Education. The education standards are based on a Ministry at any level in school. The levels in the education have three steps, the steps are primary school (grade 1-6), junior high school (grade 7-9), and high school (grades 10-12).

The typical Mexican diet food that is popular is the chicken and fried rice, usually as a main protein as fish and topped with chili. The diet actually depends on what region you are in. The most common cuisine dish is a mix of indigenous and spanish influences. Even though most mexicans prefer/continue to eat more native foods, such as, corn, beans, and peppers. The difference of Mexico’s and the United States includes family, religion, education, nationality, personal sensitivity, personal appearance, and status. Mexico also came up with different cultures causing a set of distinctive beliefs.

Some interesting facts about Mexico is that Mexico’s official name is Estados Unidos Mexicanos, which means “United Mexican States”. The first press printer used in mexico was in 1539. Millions of monarch butterflies migrate to mexico each year, from United States and Canada destroying their habitat. Mexico City was built over the remains of Aztec, Tenochtitlan. Modern Mexico citizens are a unique mix of different ancient races including Olmec, Zapotec, Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Inca, African, French and Spanish. Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire”. Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chilis to the world. The largest monument is the Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico. Mexico is second to Brazil in the number of Catholic citizens. Mexico is the most populated Spanish-speaking country in the world and the United States is the second.

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One sport in Mexico that is in our slides is the Mayan Sport. The Mayan sport is the try to get a rubber ball without making it touch your hands then they have to try to get the rubber ball through one of the rings. The only reason why you can’t use your hands is because the rings are high and it would be an advantage. The winners are rewarded with a large feast.

The clothing in Mexico is very unique in many different ways. The types of clothing is quechquemitl, huipiles, puebla dresses, for women and sombreros, sarapes, and guayaberas for men. Quechquemitl can be compared to a poncho, they clothing is used for special occasions. Huipiles represent lots of personality and is usually worn for everyday events. Puebla dresses are used everyday and are becoming more popular in the United States. Sombreros are one the most common Mexican garment. Sarapes are very colorful and serves a functional purpose. Guayaberas is made of lightweight cotton and are pastel colored shirts.

Mexico is one of the most populated countries in the world. Filled up with over 117 million people. Mexico and the United States are share a maritime and a land which border. I hope you have learned a bit about Mexico and the country’s culture.


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