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American Cultures Impact On The Media Cultural Studies Essay

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None cultures are the same every nation has their own distinct and values. The American and American cultures have very vast differentiation between them. While the culture of America is a mixture of different cultures, the Bangladeshi culture is unique and has its own values and customs. One of the major differences that can be seen between American and Bangladeshi culture is in family relations. While the Bangladeshi are very much family and religious oriented, the Americans are individual oriented. In Bangladeshi culture, the family values are given more prominence than the individual values. Bangladeshi respect family and religious values. On the other hand, in American culture the individual value gets prominence than the family values. Indians are more committed to their family where as the Americans are more committed to themselves only (Difference Between, 2010).

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The United States is a dynamic country, covering the breadth of a continent. Many cultural currents exist and coexist within American life. The sections that follow do not attempt to cover every aspect of American culture, but instead zero in on some phenomena, like television, films and American music, that newcomers can study in order to learn more about American life. American values have developed over several centuries, affecting (and often being enriched by) successive waves of immigrants. The best way to look at it is to realize that while Americans are often open to new ways of thinking, they have a deep culture, and a deep sense of being American, one that is not always that easy to describe (Life in the USA,2010).

Bangladesh has a rich, diverse culture. Its deeply rooted heritage is thoroughly reflected in its architecture, dance, literature, music, painting and clothing. The three primary religions of Bangladesh (Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam) have had a great influence on its culture and history. The people of Bangladesh have a rich fictional legacy, with the first available form of literature being over a thousand years old. Bengali literature developed considerably during the medieval period with the rise of popular poets such as Chandi Das, Daulat Kazi an Alaol (Bangladesh.com, 2010).

Although, local music is still popular in Bangladeshi culture, the younger generation is influenced by the western songs. Youth of America is inspired by American artists, movies, and musical bands are becoming more popular in Bangladesh. Coca Cola and Michael Jackson are popular now in Bangladesh. Fast food, a product of American culture, is available but only in major cities and hotels. Most of the people prefer local foods and deserts. Literacy rate in Bangladesh is high compared with other developing countries. For males, it is 54% and literacy rates among Bangladeshi women are 41.4% (CIA the World Factbook, 2010).

Main Body

Impact of American Culture on Bangladeshi Culture, Media, and Language


Culture can be described as the exclusive system of shared values, customs, beliefs, artifacts, and behaviors that the society members use to confront with their world and also with one another. Moreover, they are transmitted from one generation to another through learning. Culture also refers to the overall cumulative deposit of experience, beliefs, knowledge, values, meanings, attitudes, hierarchies, notions of time, religion, spatial relations, themes of the universe, and possessions acquired by a specific group of people during generations through group and individual striving (Bhabha, 2004). Significant differences are found between cultures of Bangladesh and America. Bangladeshi culture is a sophisticated blend of eastern culture and Islamic traditions. American culture, on the other hand, is a typical example of westernization with distinctive traditions, customs, attitudes and beliefs. It is pertinent to mention that culture is dynamic in nature. Cultures do change over time accepting new traditions while rejecting older ones (ref…). Bangladeshi culture is increasingly becoming influenced by American culture even though the rate of transformation is considerably low compared with other neighboring countries like India and Pakistan.

For example, the tradition of celebrating New Year is common feature of American culture. In Bangladesh, the upper-middle and upper class have embraced this ritual arranging functions to enjoy the events. The New Year celebrations are, however, different from those in American society. Drinks are non-alcoholic and food is prepared as per Islamic traditions. The Asian culture is evident in marriages and social gatherings. Night clubs and lounges are becoming popular in the major cities only especially in Dhaka- the capital city. These night clubs are, however, operated only in the main hotels and mostly open to the tourists. The concept of nightlife being a common feature of American culture is also experienced in the large hotels. The middle and lower class along with those living in rural areas are still hesitant and refuse to accept the westernization of culture.

Media: Despite numerous symposia Media has become a significant part of daily life in Bangladesh. Fifty years ago, only radio and newspapers represented the media. Today, media plays a significant and dominant role at every level. Similar to American media, all forms including radio, the newspaper, internet, and television are playing their role. The process of change in the style of media is also not high. In America, number of channels is in hundreds if not thousands. ‘Bangladesh Television’ is the main channel being government-controlled and government-owned medium (ref…). Influenced by the aggression of American TV channels and the powerful role played by media to form public opinion, some satellite channels have been established in Bangladesh (Bangladesh.com2010). More than hundred and thousand different not only America they are spreading all over the world but if we think about Hollywood which utterly affecting every corner of the world. World are made about Hollywood move especially young star are crazy to see Hollywood movie. Globalisation demands market liberalization and the liberalization of media also. For that, though the government always heavily controlled the state owned radio and television channels but, in the early 90s, they gave permission to broadcast commercially the satellite channels. Before that, the government even started relaying the news of BBC and CNN through the state owned channel Bangladesh Television. As a result Bangladeshi audience were flooded by Immense of foreign channels.

Languages: With over 1 billion speakers globally, modern English is the world’s dominant international language for business, science, medicine, communications, media, entertainment, culture, diplomacy, and countless other fields. For many, the ability to communicate smoothly and naturally in English is the first step to securing a better future for themselves and their families for generations to come (ESLA, 2010). Nowadays, English is considered the world’s most widespread second language; it is used in areas as diverse as the internet, television and radio, and international aviation. The success of English throughout the world stems from two major causes: the far reaching influence of the British Empire, and the 20th century (and continuing) dominance of the United States in the fields of business and entertainment. English is used as a second language mostly in upper and middle class of Bangladesh. The mother tongue and national language is ‘Bangla’ but due to impact of American culture inspired from movies, music, and culture, many words of English language have entered the native language. English words like ‘telephone’, ‘television’, ‘radio’, ‘video’, and ‘computer’ do not have a Bengali term and, as such, used commonly by the citizens of Bangladesh regardless of social class (Brady & Bashar,2004).

Of course, there are positive moments in the influence of American culture, because it is a step forward to receiving the help from the global community to develop the country, to make it more democratic, to open borders and develop society. All above mentioned processes are constructive, but there also exists the negative impact. Bangladesh may lose it cultural peculiarities, original traditions and genuine mentality. It may be a disadvantage for keeping the country really Bangladeshi; it may become American with some elements of Bangladeshi culture. As a matter of fact due to globalization American culture is influencing Bangladesh through the media, lifestyle, culture and languages and will be influencing more and more. Media shows the American style of life with its pros and cons and people may accept them. English language is absorbed by the national language, Bangla words are being replaced by the American ones. This may lead to American acquisition of the Bangladeshi society.


American culture are historically encompasses with their traditions, customs, beliefs ideals, values, arts, history, languages and different innovation of modern technologies which adopted by domestically and globally via colonization. American formed around the world largest immigrants who extremely influence by multicultural society and world cultures are integrated through different nationalities. In the earliest 19th century, America experienced massive immigration different part of the world which is one of the important futures of American history and it has given to raise multiculturalism America.

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