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The social inventions used to accomplish business goals

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An organization are defined as a social inventions for accomplishing goals through group effort. Organization in another term are called company. In order to make a business , we need an organization to achieve that goals. All person or people inside the organization have common goals that is earning the profir and also provide the product or services that’s contribute to our country.

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In order to make an efficient businesses , before we start our plan , we must analysis the organizational environment. This is a very important factor to each company or organization. Organizational environment means the forces that can make an impact towards an organization. We must analysis well because it can cause the company whether earn the profit or loss the money. There are two types of organizational environment that are internal environment and external environment .

Internal environment refers the elements that are strength or weaknesses inside the organization itself. For example , it can be our resources or financial problem. Before start the business , we have to ensure that funds are available for the organization to develop. If our funds is positive , it can be calculate as a strength of organization. In opposite way, if the funds are low or organization are in high debts , that is the weaknesses of an organization itself.

Next , internal environment also include the human resources of an organization. This is refer to the people that are being employed by the organization. Do these people have the right qualification , explenius attitude that fit into their job rules? This all factors will be straight influence the operation of the organization.

Other than that , the behavior of the employees that whether they behaved well or not also make an effect toward the performance of the organization. The organization’s mission statement, leadership styles, and its organizational culture also are the factors that are frequently considered as a part of the internal environment. We mostly called the internal environment as a micro factors as it just influence the organization internally, and that are controllable and changeable.

Second , the external environment refer to factors that are unable control by ourself . It normally link with opportunity and also threats outside towards the organization that’s PEST analysis and competition. P refer to political factors. E refer to economical factors. S refer to social factors. T refer to technological factors. These factors will be influenced the decision making of the firm. The factors will pose either an opportunity or threat as mention above. We mostly called external environment as a macro factors because that are beyond the control of the organization.


Political factors refers to the degree of government intervention such as government laws, legislation , policies, stability ,corruption level and others. Let’s take the organization that provide education such as colleges or university. Government forbid that a foreign students are not able to work in our country but they have to apply VISA every year. So , in this , can be calculated as a threat for the education organization. Next , if crime rate in our country are increasing and increase , it’s a serious of political problems, so it’s a threats to us also.


Economies factors refers to the performance of economies of the country itself. Different countries may be categorized into developed and developing countries and the economic activity of each country may be run under different economic system. The influencing factors include economic growth , unemployment rate, interest rate , exchange rates and the inflation rates. Other than that , rates of import and export also influence the economical problem. Import refer to outflow of home currency to other countries. Export refer to inflow of money from other country to home country.


Social factors refer to lifestyle, culture, practice, believes of the people and associated demographic trends that are characteristic of a given geographic area. The influencing factors have for example, nowadays more woman are working, late marriages, high divorce rates that might cause to children with social problems such as high drop on in school, low fertility rates and all that. These all factors affect the value and customers acceptance of the products, customers preferences, employees attitudes on their works, and ethical issues.


Technological factors refer to new innovation of technical or devices, production methods or new research findings. If the market provide the new technology that help in business production , maybe we can consider that accept more order or even make with a new idea or various types of choices to create a good sales performance.


Next , competitor is one of the factor in external environment. New competitor in the market that is same industry with my organization is consider as a threat for us. They will come out a new product that will attract out customer to them there. So , to overcome this , we have to adjust some our method before to keep on going our businesses.


SWOT analysis is a strategic planning that organization used to define the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business joint venture. It is much used to gather information on the current situation of an organization.

Strength and weaknesses are the internal environment . Opportunity and threats are external environments. Strengths refer to characteristics in an organization itself that give it an advantage over others in the industry. Weaknesses defined as the Characteristics of the enterprise at a disadvantage relative to other. Opportunities is additional chances to us make greater sales or profits in the market. Threats refer to additional elements in the environment that could bring and cause trouble for the business.


The businesses that I interviewed is a stationery stores that located nearby with my living areas here. The stationery stores name’s EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES.

It establish at year 2001 till now 2011. It has the history of 10 of its businesses.

The company sells a lot of stationery that are needed by students or working person. There have ruler pen, pencil , revision book, dictionary, stamps, A4 paper, and all the things that are needed in writing or drawing. The owner of the stationery stores name’s CHONG KIM HOCK. It shops provide a very good service to their customer that always with smile faces. It also provide additional services like binding a paper or photocopier. The owner of this shop have accepted my interview and answer a few of my question.

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The strength of this stationery stores is its location place. It located at the Taman houses which nearby with many residences around. Another of its advantages is out Taman there only has this one stationery stores which provides complete stationery. So , businesses of owner is good all the days. Apart from that , the price of selling also cheaper than other outside stationery shop. Not just this , although the price is lower, but not because of that causing the quality become no good. Photocopier machine of there also is good in technology, its has choices for us whether is black or colour.

The weaknesses EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES is because of his shop are too specific , and besides of stationery, nothing is selling there. So , got also customer of they will complain. The owner explained that , because of the areas of his shop not big enough for him to sell other things , so he just can sell the same things all the time. This is a weaknesses for his shop. Another weaknesses of this stationery shop is too late of opening time and too early of closing time. The shop opens at every 11.00 morning and close at 08.00 night. The customers encourage the boss open earlier and close more late for enough time to them who are just back from work to go there and buy thing.

I just get informed by the owner of the shop that opportunities of EVERJOY STATIONERY STORE is he will open another of branches that are not so far with our Taman here and place are big enough for him to sell many thing like a mini markets because is too much of demand in this living areas. The new shop also name’s EVERJOY MINI MARKETS.

The threats of EVERJOY STATIONERY STORES is a few of grocery stores that near with the shop got sells a few types of stationery also such as pencil, eraser. Although that are not too much, but it also has a little influenced .


In order to overcome the problem of threats and weaknesses. In the weaknesses , I suggest that keep on provide all the stationery things. But I recovered that , the place is not big enough for the boss to sell other things is because of some small corner of the shops has been filled with debris. I believed that if arrange them rightly, there still have a small place that are enough for the boss to sell other related things. For the business hours, the owner can open earlier at 09.30 am in the morning because this time are good enough for him to prepare all the things and close the shop at 10.00pm at the night.

As for the threats, the company have to come out with a lot of new things that can attract a views of customers and will keep them wanted. For example, they can set their target to kids, come out with a new picture or adorable cartoon onto the eraser . This will attract the kids and buy from them.


In my own opinion , my personal findings throughout this project is no matter which industry we are in, before we starting or the business is still going on, we still have to observe all the factor that are strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for our company. If we are not to do so, we will soon go to a wrong path and will end up a business closing down. All things are changing every day and every time, so we need to adjust it according the time in order to make efficient business in all the time.


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