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Research Proposal For New Florist Business

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Wordcount: 3305 words Published: 3rd May 2017

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I want to open a new business but I havent got any idea about it because there are many businesses all around, finally the flower shop idea comes in my mind but I don’t know any thing about flower business so I make a research on one of the florist shop. The name of the business which I selected for a research is called “Drake Algar” which is a flower business. My objective in this assignment is to make a research on a flower business and evaluate the importance of performance and estimation criteria, also identify the key processes of the selected business, specifying what measures can be to taken to control it in order to support this research with the objectives of this organisation.

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To make a research I done some steps like in the first part I briefly Introduce this business “Drake Algar” and write it Mission statement, in the second part I discuss their Objective and Performance Activity that how they get information and what are the sources of these information in all the functional areas. In the third part I explain the Issue Of The Management System and Control Techniques. Now in the last I came to the Conclusion for this business (Drake Algar), and also justified the different part of this organization.


Drake Algar is a high quality retailer shop for flower arrangements, wedding and houseplants. It is located in St Johns Wood, London and build up in ‘1937’. Drake Algar is also the official florist for MCC (Melbourne Cricket Club) and specialises in designer arrangements for tables, displays and bouquets. Founded on the St. John’s Wood High Street, Drake Algar Florist is a neighbour of the home of cricket ‘Lord’ and has a client base consisting of small to large corporate, successful professionals and high profile personalities.

This flower business generates a significant quantity of their income from the services such as selling, ordering gift items for special occasions such as:




Valentines Day

Mothers day

New born baby

Sympathy etc.

Mission Statement

“We are Smart in the flowery world”


Preliminary Review of the Literature


Preliminary Review

I looked at the other flower business too because I can’t depend on one business and I think this is not the best way to make a research on one angle. I took many ideas from these different flower businesses and books related to this research which help me to do my research for a new flower business.

Marketing Research

By doing research on new flower business Stephanie Beener (2008: 25)saying in her book “that the first necessary thing is to search for the ideal location as it have been seen in many location, most of the floral shop are located on the main street in many location. This is not necessary but the busy street helps to attract the customer from different places in the market. Whenever think of a better locations make sure it is able to be seen place on a high travelled road. A city or town where there is no other flower shop is the best bet for gaining the most earnings from the business. The next things which need to be consider is the building where the new flower shop need to be in it is because some buildings in the centre of a town or city have apartments above them so if this look uneasy then it need to try to look for a single building. It is best to look for a building that has general amenities which is required for the shop in which we can use the front room for the customers, a back room for the preparation and storage area. An ideal shop would also include a store front so the arranger can display the arrangements for passers-by to see” (1).

Financial Research

“When words escape flowers speaks.”(Bruce W. Currie). In another guide I found some ideas about finance arrangement for the new business. Alias (2008: 138) said that “opening a new flower business is a great financial reward, and a great reward can be achieved by putting more effort. It means, the more reward getting from the customers the more accounts will be established and the number of order from out of the town will also increase” (2). I also find some great idea about finance in one of the magazine in this magazine Cheryl Kimball (2006: 45) said that “there are two type of money which is needed for the business at the start-up stages.

Start-up-Money. This is the amount of money which will open the doors for newly business. It also depend that what kind of florist business to start because this will greatly impact the amount of money. It is also important to have a three month’s rent which also include security deposit for one month in advance. Many wholesalers require new businesses to pay upfront for their first order and establish an account with a low limit after that. It also need to set up phone and other utilities, get credit card processing paraphernalia and cash register etc as well. Some supplies will be also required e.g. ribbon, packaging material, and flowers etc. basically, start-up capital should be enough to open doors to business.

Operating Capital. This is money required to keep business running at least until is generation enough income to bring in revenue. The idea behind this is of course, to have the business generate its own operating capital and eventually a profit too. Until this happens, the delivery vehicle will need gas, the phone bill will need to be paid, the shop lights will need to come on, and employees will need to get a pay regularly”.

Customer Base Research

After the financial research there was a need to project my customers. The idea of Stephanie Beener (2008: 28-29) grab my eyes when she claim in her book that “it is good to practice when trying to pull in the customers. It is not good to steal customers from the competitors. The customers can be grab through inviting offers, advertisements and marketing schemes, but it is not good manner to stand in front of the other florist shop handing out leaflet or other advertisements material for your own flower shop. It is also good idea to use family, friends, and other links as regular customers. I can use their web to further expand my customer base. I can also talks to my classmates about it. Hand out business card any where in the parties or seminars. The customers can be pulling through an advertisement in the Sunday paper. Mailings to local offices, buildings, businesses, and residences also help to find more customers”.

Stephanie Beener (2008: 29) also claim that “you have to make sure you have solid ground to stand on before you open so your business does not fail”

Research Questions And Objectives

Research Questions

Her I am going to write those research questions which emerged from the background and literature review. From all the above explanation some changes need to be done like.

Who is the most influential competitor to this florist business?

Drake Algar is located in St John wood high street (Central London) and has two competitors which do the same florist business, Melissa Riva Flower ltd and Hanna Lee florist but the customer rate of both the shops as compare to Drake Algar are very low it is because both the shops are away from the high street.

What marketing techniques are their competitors currently employing?

Both the competitors haven’t got the website for their business but both of them are planning to establish a web page for their business.

Are the workers of “Drake Algar” happy and motivated?

Yes the workers of Drake Algar are very happy because the management is very friendly and the workers get a best reward of their work.

Are their customers satisfied?

98% of the customers are satisfied from the services they get, they give excellent services to their customers by delivering the flowers bouquet on time and in good condition with low prices. They also charge their customer for the delivery.


The main objective of this flower shop “Drake Algar” is to provide customers with perfect services, high quality flowers and the most beautiful arrangements that will continue to wow and amaze them all. In the effect they are getting proud of their group of private and corporate clients and look forward to that list growing into the future. “Objectives give the business a clearly defined target. Plans can then be made to achieve these targets. This can motivate the employees. It also enables the business to measure the progress towards to its stated aims.

Research Plane

Design & Data Collection Methods

For me research design is the basic structure of research it self, it is like a glue that hold all part of the topic in a research project together. I developed this design is such way that enables me to summarize a complex design structure efficiently. This design also shows how these models integrate in the Drake Algar process framework. The following fig put some shadow of all the above section of Drake Algar in this process.

Greater customer retention by offering unrivalled service

Greater up selling and bundle selling

Selling low labour intensive items and migrating customers onto the internet

Sales training for staff

Selling more to existing customers

Increased passing trade by better product placement and merchandising

Greater community involvement and formation of local strategic alliances

Database marketing

Proactive occasion marketing

Targeting the PA/Secretary market

I collect all of my data for this research through “Observation Method”. I observed all the behavioural pattern of this business which I am doing my research on in a very systematic manner. In this observational method I played different roles as a participant for this research. In this participant observation I was part of the group which being investigated by me. I work effectively as employee alongside with other employees. It was not easy for me being observer I face many problem but I note one thing that friendship is a good tool to compromise the research.

Access & Sampling Strategy

The sample is the group of those people who I select to be in my study for my research. I used handiness sampling in this exploratory research where I am interested in getting a low-cost estimate of the truth. I also noted that this non-probability method can be used during initial research efforts to get a gross estimate of the results, without sustaining the cost or time required to select a random sample. So the sample in this research is the group of those people who are expert in floristry.

Data Analyzation and Presentation

I used Descriptive Statistics to describe the essential features of this data which I collect for my research. I provide simple summaries about the sample and the measures of this research and again together with simple graphics analysis, I form the basis of almost every quantitative analysis of data. Descriptive statistics are usually well-known from inferential statistics that’s why I use descriptive statistics for my data. With descriptive statistics I am simply relating what is the data or what the data shows in this research. The Descriptive Statistics which I used show the quantitative images in a manageable form. In this research study I may have lots of measures in different area of the study or I may measure a large number of florist related to this research. This Descriptive statistics also help me to make simpler large amounts of data in a sensible way. I use the bar chart which is shown on the other page and this bar chart shows the percentage of those people who are related to this flower business and are interested to buy flower bouquets.

Fig 2. Florist distribution bar chart.

Interest of buying of flowers may also be displayed using percentages e.g. I use percentages to describe the:

Percentage of those customers who are 35-45. (Wedding flower, flower bouquet etc.).

Percentage of those customers who age ranges 46-65 (Most of them are office workers).

Percentage of those customers who age ranges 65-66+ (Interested in sending occasional gifts).

Limitations of Research

There are also numbers of limitations which stop me to do my research. I face many problems in this observation; like one of the limitations was, do I need to tell to the management and the unions? The other was what are the ethics of the process in this business? Can my secrecy be maintained? There was also some other limitations like I was not able to access all the information, resources, guidance and access to those experts for editing my ideas. I also face some problem in different group like support from supplier organizations and some local participants. Experiment involving for me, is the random task of participants to conditions may allow making fundamental conclusions if the changeable that are not irritating with other variables. Thus, I may not know 100% whether the findings will generalized to other people, situations, or conceptualization of this idea which I am thinking for my new business.

Reliability & Validity

Build validity consign to the degree in which conclusion can be legitimately made from the operationalizations like in my research this study constructs on which these operationalizations were based. I find that it helps me to divide the issues into two areas that I call the “area of theory” and the “area of observation.” I will find the idea or make of the outcomes or measures that I believe which I am trying to collect through this research. The area of observation consists of what I see happening in the flower business around me and the customers appearance of that market. So in the area of observation I need to find the reliable and valid data for the treatment of the research. Definitely, when I speak of a dependable measure, I mean one that is both reliable and valid. So I have to be a little more accurate when I am going to collect the data. In research, the term reliability means “repeatability” or “consistency”. A measure is considered reliable if it would give me the same result over and over again. I often think of reliability and validity as separate ideas but, in fact, they’re related to each other and all the data which I collect for this research is valid and reliable because I used the observation method and all the process which goes thorough was in front of my own eyes as I work as a participant of this organization. I also make a research on performance activities of this business which is the part of Drake Algar Florist shop and play an important role in the validity and reliability of this organization and this help me a lot in my research for my new business.


Marketing and Sales

Supply Chain Production

Finance & Accounting System

Human Resources System

Control Techniques

In Drake Algar the system are controlled from the sales and marketing function to the movement of goods and services and producers to customers.

Fig 4. (5)


Finally, “Drake Algar” needs to ensure that a competitive review is conducted on a regular basis. Market should be analyzed on a regular basis to monitor changes in customer views and identify new market entrants.They need to keep up to date with Current Trend as businesses are demanding better-qualified employees to cope with an increasingly complex business environment. This business must therefore struggle to keep their curriculum up to date because the work environment today is greatly different then before.

Problem Log Book


Problems Come Across

How Problems Were Solved

Compare and contrast the different functional areas of an organisation.

It was very hard step to choose a suitable organization.

Getting accurate information about this company.

It was also hard to compare Different Area of functions.

I select a company where I work.

I get the correct information as I am working there.

Understand the information needs of each functional area.

It was also hard to find different information in different area

Come across at each area separately and selected the key information needs


Analyse the information needs for a given scenario or case study.

Understand the detailed flow of design and data collection.

My teacher gives some hints and some information.

Identify different method of data collection.

I found it complicated to find the exact information.

I use google search to find all the data collection methods.

Recognise the information systems suitable for different functional areas of an organisation.

I identified the different information systems but not in terms of each functional area.

I gathered information on what the applications are used for within the organisation and then researched some of the older systems that they used I then analysed how the new applications had improved things.

Identify the tools required to solve a specific problem within an organisation.

I found it difficult to highlight specific problems that were encountered.

I first analysed some tools that were used and what they are used for. I then thought about how the company would operate with out the tools, this showed me what problems may be faced and how the tools are used to solve the problems.

Describe the current information processing methods for a given problem.

Information processing methods were indentified but I failed to associate these with specific problems.

I contacted the company and asked them what problems the systems were tackling and how they solved the problems. I further researched how these systems helped businesses in general.

Examine alternative methods of supplying the same information.

I found it difficult to find alternative methods because some of the methods currently used were working well.

I had to research the company further and eventually found some areas that could be improved.

Ethical Considerations

In Drake Algar I work with different people of different languages and I did not find myself hard, for me it was very enjoyable and I also got more experience with them. I also noted one thing that the environment is friendlier when working with people how has different languages.

Avoid Plagiarism: In this research the management of Drake Algar help me a lot, they give me many of the documents related to my research, I did not make a copy of any of them, they also give me some of the customers and suppliers invoices from last year, they allow me to keep all of them but still I just took idea from it and give them all back and make it sure that it is not copied or printed. I also quoted those ideas which I took from the general and book and also from website. I reference all the work properly using Harvard referencing system and this will avoid a lot of plagiarism in my research work.

Gantt chart


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