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Proposal on customer relationship management

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Wordcount: 2574 words Published: 1st May 2017

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Most of the business strategy and functioning depends mostly on the customers. The role of customer for any business activity is would be a crucial for the effective functioning of the organisation. The firm administration should be efficient in selecting the desired skills for approaching the customers to attract them towards the organisation. Mobilizing relation between firm and customers is termed as the customer’s relationship management. This type of task management is important for any firm so as to manage and maintain friendly relationship which lay a foundation for the growth of organisation. The firm must be efficient in placing all the aspects and facilitate the needs of customers regarding new products, discounts, safety and delivering. (Satoshi Ueno, 2006).

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This thesis is mainly projected on the innovation and demand of customer’s relation management which is the subpart of the management module. This thesis mainly focuses on development of new products for the customers who are in deem of new products. This thesis give the information about five organisations through which a clear view on customer needs and articles and their effects are plotted.

This methodology is not been predicted from a single segment but taken for the innovation new products to concentrate on different segment. This is an ongoing process for the issue of development of products in a firm; this cyclic process is divided in to four segments such as customers, innovation, economy and demand for the product. This thesis also focuses on the different sectors of firm for innovation of new products to approach the needs of the customers. In further discussion a brief glimpse over the development framework of the consumers has been developed. Final phase of this methodology is driven by some of the conclusions and proposals for many of the firms and government sectors. The ideas that are being back by the customers to the firm play an important role in the development of the organisation. Moreover most of the firms follow the quantitative analysis method for analysing the product status in the market and also to plot their organisation status among other organisation. This analytical method also helps for representing the various areas of the organisation situation in the market. Hence this method can be termed as the perfect method of analysing the situation the organisation. Some of general question that arise in the implementation of this analysing methodology are how to evaluate the customers approach towards products and demand for increasing the approach of customers by innovating the new products. This thesis also evaluates the criterion of involving customers in to organisation through a friendly way of representation. All the critical issues are having been represented in a detailed manner and guiding the way for each aspect in this thesis can be observed.

Research Methodologies used in the Article

In this research different methods and strategies have been taken in to considerations which are capable of putting effect on the innovation of organisational products into market. This research is mostly carried out on the aspects of demands by customers, changes in environment, enrolment of consumers, market trend changes and different economical issues. The study over this is mainly carried out by considering the five main case studies of different groups and organisation such as a


John MacAlsan and Partners,

Taylor Woodrow ,

A financial firm,

Professional services termed as PwC.

The above mentioned firm identities host different services such as business, retail, financial and creative industry. Hence this analysis represents a deep analytical structure by focusing on the issues of different segments. Therefore this study also facilitates and analyse the situation of customers affording towards the product and analyse problems in different sectors.

In second segment of this study mainly focus on the needs of customers in recent market. This study defines the demand as the needs of customers and preference to the launched innovation. This innovation criterion defines an exploitation of desired ideas to make sure of implementing and adopting of new strategies considering the available requirement. The effects on implementation and innovation of new outcomes on the status of the economic situations of the different nations have been predicted in the states of United Kingdom which consider new innovations as the economic prosperity and help to maintain a value life in the nations. In most of the nations this process is considered as the government policy to the the mankind for improving the productivity status of the firm in the present market and hold the grip over the market than other firms. It was stated that OECD nations have been bonded with an agreement which states innovation as the crucial business activity for ensuring the competitiveness in the global economical world. In this study it can be observed the different methods of representing the customer’s preferences and mode of addressing towards the new innovation and production. This research study mentions three dissimilar mode of communication between consumers and suppliers of the firm. This mode of communication includes mediator ship from the consumers to market through an innovative process by the organisation. It also includes particularities and firm coordination thorough way of governmental and non profitable approach which basically termed as the democratic innovation (NESTA, 2010).

Consumer preferences in firm for innovating new innovations have been detail analysed in this study. This research process is useful for exploring the various aspects by considering the preferences by the customers and approaching their needs. This research provides crucial solutions for the problems regarding the approaching ways towards the customers. A detailed framework has been built for the development of innovation strategy of the organisation with the help of this methodology. It gives the impact of consumers and influence of their needs over the development of the firm. With the help of this framework ability of the organisation can be predicted and can be motivated towards the innovation process computation with the other firms by saving time and willingness of the organisation in this process. This framework has been constructed by considering eighteen different processes of various organisations and also picking up five successful organisations among them. (NESTA, 2010)

In this study it can be observed that most of the firms are gathering the information for the requirements of their customers and preferences. Most of the firms collect this information also from the employers who do contact with most of the customers outside. This study is analysed by taking five different case studies as the base which reveal innovations in organisation which has impact of preferences by the customers with the help of two methods. Such as,

Incremental Innovations: this method is processed by considering the needs of the customers and their preferences which are directly fed with the discussion of the organisational customers and responding them efficiently.

Radical Innovations: this method is used for taking the long term customers needs which are to be focused by considering the firm and also the market scrutiny which helps to built up the methods of preferences.

In general there are many processes that are being adopted as techniques for building up the framework for the innovation of the corporation. With the help of this framework various methods of research and approaches can be plotted for the customer’s preferences for developing the process of innovation in industries. This framework guides for the effective domains which are to be considered in design of this particular framework. Moreover different organisation representing different domains are used for designing of this framework. Hence this acts as strength to this study for the deep analysis of this process.

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In all the phases of this discussion in this present study is represented by using various methods and process for approaching the needs of the customers and also for the innovative products of the organisation. It was observed that most of the customers preferences and needs play an important task in the innovating process and also for the development of the organisation. Various aspects such as growth of economy, market situations and competitions in open world are measured in development and also for the innovation of the organisation in this present competitive world. A brief analysis has been plotted in context with the preferences of the customers and organisational innovation. This study gives the detail structure regarding the issues in the process of innovations and effects of customer’s impacts with their needs. All this issues are analysed by make of different case studies of various organisational firm. With the outcome of this result some of the recommendations have been suggested for the development of the organisational innovative products. (NESTA, 2010).

Justification of the recommendations made in the article

Recommendations regarding the business organisations can be suggested with help of some of the ethical and economical strategies of the firm. It can be viewed that requirement of innovation strategy is the providence of action with customers. This states that the staff working in the organisation must be efficient in communicating with other customers and co workers to build up a clear idea of their needs and preferences. Such obtained ideas must be implemented and included in the process of innovation for production of innovative products based on the demand from the consumers. There exist various forms and processes which are to considered and analysed in the research processes such as,

More environmental space and equal opportunity must be facilitated by the management of the organisation to carry out new experimental procedures on the issues of the organisation and its failure.

The management should be observed the creativity is the most important criteria which can influences the workers in an organisation to provide systematic framework and constructing favourable situations for empowering the correct opportunity.

The firm must be in regular contact with its customers in the process of innovating new produces and also to maximize its competitiveness among others and built more advantage strategies in the market for their organisation.

A strong relationship module must be maintained between clients of the company and customers for effective processing of goods and other services for their citizens by the government.

With the help of this thesis three recommendations can be suggested for the organisations for making their policies for evaluating the effective process of innovation in the organisation.

Recommendations that are being suggested for the organisation in this research process has been plotted below,

The organisation must provide more time and framework for introducing new invitational process itself. This can be done by maintaining effective relationship between customers and suppliers which are generally referred as the user process of innovation.

The organisation must be capable of discovering of needs of customers and arose effective solutions for them.

The organisational management must be capable of implementing the opportunities for better process of communication between customers and their business culture so as to nourish the process of innovation

All these recommendation made in this discussions help the organisational management for building up a better framework of the organisation. These recommendations help to propose the detail study on these research implementations. Every recommendation that have been suggested in this thesis is taken up as the example of this methodology. One example for such recommendations is switchover of digital television. One of firm represented their customers about the digital television as the new innovation product by their company that is to be released shortly by providing advantages to the customers to avail this offer. At the same context the firm has planned for obtaining more and more needs and preferences by the customers to enhance this product as new innovation process and also suggest their policies towards the company’s feedback with negative or positive replies. With the help of such processes organisational can be able to predict a clear idea about the various suggestions about the preferences of the customers. in this context NESTA has implemented and considered most of the motivational processes for disclosing the ideas clients of organisation and customers by stating the annual survey processes on innovation. In this whole process of this thesis it was observed the order in followed in collecting statically information by the management of the organisation by considering different aspects and case studies of different organisations. Most of the other research may also act as the weakening sources of this thesis. In the process of innovation five to ten interview has been conducted by the organisation for carrying out their operations efficiently. In the process of interview by the management of the organisation employees are selected by examining their perceptions towards the process of innovation in organisation. Such type of interviews is designed for structuring the way to know the issues involved in designing the process of innovation and its co related issues such as managing the organisation, innovative measures, knowing about specific innovation etc. hence this thesis provides a detail analysis on needs that arose by the customers and their preferences and their impact over the organisation approach towards the customers and the production of the product by the customers. Some issues regarding the global competitiveness, organisational culture and all other issues are discussed in these issues as the past of analysis. With the help of this research NESTA also makes some of the recommendations for the organisations for interacting with all the feedback that are being provided by the customer and all other clients for betterment of the productivity of the organisation. Hence this thesis can act as the main source for the mainting and understanding the relationship between the organisational clients and customers of the organisation and also to enhance the innovation process of the productivity system. From with the help of above mentioned discussions it can be concluded that innovation process and demand of the products and services by the customers are mutually interrelated with each other and same instance of time the needs of the common customers and their preferences also play a crucial role in the process of innovation by any organisational firm. Hence finally this thesis acts as the major guidance for the many of the organisational management for understanding the various aspects and issues of organisational functioning and meeting the needs of the customer. (NESTA, 2010).


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